? 一 词汇

1 besides [b??sa?dz] adv.此外

2 bet [bet] n. 打赌,赌単;vt. 赌単

3 between [b??twi:n] prep. 在…之间

4 billion [?b?lj?n] n. 十亿

5 birth [b?:θ] n. 出生;分娩

6 bit [b?t] n. 一灴; v. 咬( bite的过去式)

7 bite [ba?t] vt.& vi. 咬;叛; n. 咬;咬伙

8 bless [bles] vt. 祝福;保佑

9 blind [bla?nd] adj. 失明的;盲目的

10 block [bl?k] n. 坑;街区; vt. 阻止;阻塞

11 blog [bl?ɡ] n. 博客

12 blood [bl?d] n. 血,血液

13 blow [bl?u]vt.&vi. 吹;(轮胎)爆炸

14 bomb [b?m] n. 炸弹; vt. 轰炸

15 bone [b?un] n. 骨头

16 bookmark [?b?kmɑ:k] n. 书签

17 boot [bu:t] n. 长靴,皮靴

18 bore [b?:(r)] vt. 令人厌烦

19 born[b?:n] vt.bear 过去分词; adj. 出生的

20 bottom [?b?t?m] n. 底部; adj. 底部的

21 bound [ba?nd] vt. 限制; n. 界限,限制

22 bow [b?u] n. 鞠躬; vi. (向…)鞠躬

23 bowel [?ba??l] n. 肠;内部;同情心

24 brake [bre?k] vt.& vi. 刹(车); n. 刹车

25 branch [brɑ:nt?] n. 树枝;分支

26 brave [bre?v] adj. 勇敢的

27 break [bre?k] vt.& vi. 打破;折断;弄坏

28 breath [breθ] n. 呼吸

29 breathe [bri:e] vi. 呼吸

30 bride [bra?d] n. 新娘

31 bridegroom [?bra?dgru:m] n. 新郎

32 bright [bra?t] adj. 明亮的,鲜亮的

33 bring [br??] vt. 带来,引来

34 broad [br?:d] adj. 宽的;辽阔的

35 broken [?br??k?n] adj. 破碎的,打碎的

36 brush [br??] n. 刷子; vt. 刷;掠过;

37 build [b?ld] vt. 建造,建立

38 building [?b?ld??] n. 建筑物;楼房

39 bullet [?bulit] n. 子弹,弹药

40 bush [b??] n. 灌木(丛)

41 business [?b?zn?s] n. 唱业,交易

42 busy [?b?zi] adj. 忙碌的

43 butcher [?b?t??(r)] n. 屠夫,屠户

44 butter [?b?t?(r)] n. 黄油

45 button [?b?tn] n. 挄钮,电钮;纽扣

46 café[?k?fe?] n. 咖啡馆,小餐厅

47 call [k?:l] v. 呼唤,喊叙

48 camp [k?mp] n. 营地,工地宿舍

49 campus [?k?mp?s] n. (大学)校园

50 can [k?n] aux. 能;能够; n. 罐头

? 二 阅读判断

American High School

?Have you ever wondered what an American high

school is really like? This article will describe a typical

high school and its students.

?A typical American high school has several large

buildings and enough space for about 1,500 students.

Every student is given a locker. When students first

arrive at school, they go straight to their lockers to put

away or get their textbooks and to hang up their

outdoor clothes. As American textbooks are expensive,

students would rather loan( 租 借 ) than buy them.

Students must pay back if they lose any of them.

?American students have different types of school

transport(交通). They usually take a yellow school bus

or walk to school if they live close enough. Sometimes

their parents drive them to school. When they turn 16

years of age, most take a free driving class at school

for one term. If students earn passing grades in the

class and also pass their state’s driver’s exam, they

can begin driving themselves to school.

?Each day, students take six or seven classes. They

must take science, math, English and social studies.

They can choose art, homemaking, fashion design and

other classes. In some schools, students are required

to take one or more of the following special classes:

health education, physical education or foreign

language studies. Students move to different

classrooms for each subject. This is because each

teacher has their own classroom. There is a

five-minute break between classes, to give the

students the time to hurry to their next class.

?The regular school day usually ends early in the

afternoon. After school, more than a half of the

students are involved in after-school activities. These

activities include sports – especially football,

basketball and soccer or clubs, such as yearbook,

speech, school newspaper, photograph or student


1 A typical American high school has only one large

building but with enough space.

A True B. False C. Not Given

2 Students can put away or get their textbooks in their


A True B. False C. Not Given

3 All students buy their textbooks by themselves at the

start of a new term.

A True B. False C. Not Given

4 Students like taking the school bus to go to school.

A True B. False C. Not Given

5 Students are not allowed to drive to school before 18

years old.

A True B. False C. Not Given

6 Students take seven classes at most everyday.

A True B. False C. Not Given

7 Students go to different classrooms to take different


A True B. False C. Not Given

8 Each teacher has their own office in the school.

A True B. False C. Not Given

9 The class break between two classes in 10 minutes


A True B. False C. Not Given

10 Many students go to take part in after-school

activities after school.

A True B. False C. Not Given


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